In addition to boosting your sales, we cultivate a healthy and profitable business.

Top agency according to Mercado Libre.  Experts in e-commerce-oriented digital marketing.  Positioning and branding.  Revise video shots 3 and 4 to include content more closely related to the field. 


Google Ads

We are experts on the platform. Our specialists undergo continuous training, and our processes ensure that we make the most of the platform. We attract the target audience seeking products or services from our clients.

Meta Ads

It’s our preferred platform. Unlike Google Ads, this platform actively targets the audience, creates the need, and requires us to be creative in capturing and converting them into sales. We start with a theory, analyze, and consistently draw conclusions.

TikTok Ads

We stay ahead of trends and are prepared for what’s to come. This tool will amaze you with its results. It’s the ideal platform for selling without selling. User-generated content (UGC) ensures that our campaigns perform at their best.

Email Marketing

It’s the ultimate link between creativity and automation. The balance of these two aspects gives our service a unique value for our clients. After making a brand known, gaining consideration and making a purchase, the most crucial part follows: loyalty. We’re working towards it.

Piezas de pauta

Our team of designers is accustomed to following the best practices and what brings the best results in selling. We work in synergy with the Digital Marketing team to, piece by piece, design by design, exceed our goals.


It’s the analysis of the work done. We have our own KPIs that allow us to stay true to our goals of growing sales and maintaining a healthy business. We train our clients to understand what we do and enable them to apply our measurement methods within their companies

Success Story

Legion Extranjera is one of our clients who best represents us. They experienced exponential growth, doubling their sales within a year since they started working with us. They previously handled their performance aspect with freelancers, and their investments in Meta Ads and Google Ads were minimal.

After commencing in February 2023, they understood the importance of investing in advertising in a sustainable way, maintaining a healthy business with monthly sales and revenue goals.

Together, we formed a great working team. We feel very comfortable as we share the same ambitions to grow and improve month by month.

Today, we have also expanded our services to include ‘Marketplace Consulting.’

Thank you, Legion Extranjera, for continuing to trust in us, and here’s to achieving much more together!!!

What We Accomplished

Our service with Legion involves digital marketing on Meta Ads, Google Ads, media planning, defining billing and sales objectives, supporting investments with consideration for business profitability, and Marketplace consulting. The latter is a new sales channel for the client and has already become one of the top sellers in its category on Mercado Libre.


The significant advantage of Krab-e is its ability to adapt to market changes. They work by closely examining the client’s needs, evaluating their reality, and are flexible in their approach, meticulously tracking consumer behavior. They have a transparent system where they inform how they apply their work, creating a great deal of trust.

Victoria Estrada, Partner, and Founder of Legion Extranjera


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