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We craft unique and tailored strategies for each client, aiming to boost the growth and efficiency of your business on Mercado Libre. Our focus revolves around data analysis, compiling value-driven reports, and implementing business practices that stand out in a competitive environment.

Mercado Ads

We create and provide advertising solutions within Mercado Libre to reach millions of buyers at every stage of the purchasing process, connecting with those who explore and make daily purchases on the platform.

Mercado Shops

We foster synergy across your sales channels, both in the Marketplace and e-commerce. With a common billing objective, we activate levers that enhance each platform, considering their differences, targets, commissions, branding, and value propositions.


Success Story

Growing a company in the Baby Stroller sector. They approached our agency seeking a comprehensive strategy to increase their visibility, scalability, and operational efficiency on the platform.

We conducted a thorough diagnostic analysis of the overall account to ensure it was ready to handle exponential growth in demand. Internal processes were optimized, inventory management was streamlined, and scalable protocols were established to adapt to traffic peaks.

We developed a personalized advertising strategy using Mercado Ads. This involved identifying relevant keywords, creating engaging ads, and implementing campaigns to increase the visibility of Growing’s products. The effectiveness of the campaigns was measured through continuous analysis of key metrics, almost on a daily basis.

We also adopted the Mercado Envíos Full mode to optimize logistics and enhance the customer experience. We collaborated with the Growing and Mercado Libre teams to optimize inventory management and ensure fast and efficient deliveries.


  • Exponential Sales Growth: In the first eight months, Growing experienced a +300% growth in both total sales and units. The primary growth occurred through strategic actions in Full and Mercado Ads.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency in Mercado Envíos Full: Process optimization and the implementation of Mercado Envíos Full resulted in a +600% growth in that area.

  • Brand Visibility and Recognition (Mercado Ads): Advertising strategies within Mercado Ads led to a +500% increase in the visibility of Growing’s products, solidifying its position in the market.

  • Cohesion and Team Performance: Goal-based management fostered team cohesion and increased productivity.


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We create and implement unique tools to enhance the business of each client.

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